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F.I.T. for your capacities

As a specialized service provider to the chemical industry we provide, at all times, the capacities you require – for individual tasks at one particular site, or as the major logistics provider - for your entire international logistics:

  • in the logistics centers,
  • for hazardous materials and temperature-controlled transport.

You are thus able to react immediately to fluctuations in demand in order to meet the needs of your customers. The just-in-time supply of your products is reliably guaranteed.

Your appreciable economic advantage arises from:

  • intelligent pooling of deliveries,
  • the choice, in every instance, of the ideal mode of transport.

Your data and information flow occur concurrently with your flow of goods. Our Business Networking Platform – developed individually for your needs – keeps you informed at every moment in the supply chain. Sophisticated quality management enables proactive trouble-shooting. Our responsibility extends to both the quality of our service and to the protection of employees, the environment and the public. We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001.

Because, for you, logistics means more than the best possible route from A to B! 

F.I.T. worldwide

ensures the ability to manage modern production systems as that which they are: worldwide, complex networks which operate in the background to satisfy customers and make your company more successful.

Because of strong growth in the BRIC countries and Eastern Europe an optimal network of worldwide chemical sites is of extreme importance to logistics. In order to provide optimal support for your distribution we have also extended our network to include specialized hazardous materials storage. E.g. we maintain a hazardous materials warehouse which complies with EU safety standards with a partner in Ukraine. 

If required, we provide additional services ranging from empties management to transport security and invoicing.

F.I.T. 365/24

Save a lot of time with our Single Point of Contact. From the taking of your order, to the arrangement of deadlines and the general transport particulars, your personal contact will ensure the reliable distribution of your goods. Thus you have one central contact point for all your queries – simple, friendly and convenient.

Ask us! Far-reaching chemical logistics. 

Our website cannot answer every individual inquiry. We therefore provide personal service. 

Contact us.